Organic Video for Small Business

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What's Included?

You receive SEO optimization services and products that are advanced beyond what any other SEO company can provide. Our “Secret Formula” keyword and phrase algorithms, video production, scripting and other exclusive features make SEO Video Lab the premier provider of income-producing SEO content for your small business website. 

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Spice It Up a Little

In addition to SEO Video Lab Deluxe service packages you can add further enhancements to your company’s web presence via social media, mainstream media and maketing strategies. Choosing from our broad range of add-ons,  you can build a unique product to improve your market presence.  Choose the features and descriptions that will help you stand apart from your competition.

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Tell Us About Your Business

Send us your request with a description of your business, and we will review your choices and contact you with our recommendations and an estimate for our services for your unique opportunity to enhance and better empower your web results. 

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Let's Get to work!

Once you engage SEO  Video Lab our team will work closely with your company to quickly determine the optimal approach which will improve your marketing results online and provide great organic results. We will work diligently to ensure you receive a return on your investment as rapidly as possible.

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Deluxe Video Package

Our Deluxe Video Package includes:

  • Custom Organic Videos for your company
  • Scripts authored by Professional Writers
  • SEO optimization of Video and Scripts with Algorithms
  • Our “Secret Formula” for Small Business Video

Why Video

The world has become visual in the 21st Century and when people go looking for services or products they want to “See” it more than they want to “Read” it. SEO Video Lab capitalizes on this cultural reality by producing studio-quality, professionallly-produced videos about your organization. We optimized those videos are scripted using the keyword formula we develop and once on the internet, the videos help direct more traffic to your website.

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Organic Web presence

When it comes to internet success it is all about “Organics”. This term speaks to the basic building components which will be used to bring new and additional business into your company or more eyeballs on your website. Without this fundamental approach to securing your place on the web, all other efforts would be fruitless.

By utilizing “Organic” building principles along with our customized algorithmic application of keywords and phrases, your company will maintain the greatest position with the most viewership possible.

Featured Add-ons

Whiteboard Video

Video effect that can be added to any video. Add interest and movement with whiteboard.

Social Media

Regular distribution of media on blog posts through social channels. Blog writing included.

Graphic Design

Need a new logo or product graphic. Full Graphic Design Services available.

Special Effects

Animations, backgrounds, special effects and more. Create your own intro and outro!

Build your own product!

We do business a little differently than our competitors … we want you to understand everything and what it costs before you decidice to business with our company. That’s why we want you to build your own products and services so that you have greater control and we have a clear understanding of what you want. We can help you build things of course, but if you’re smart enough to grasp what we are truly offering, you are smart enough to tell us what you think you’d like to have.

Get a Quote!
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